Today is a day
Where my soul is alert
My feelings run high
And I’m prone to get hurt.

Every action negative
Tears on the verge
To hide in my shell
Is what I’d prefer.

Confidence at zero
If not, negative
Why, I must ask
Am I so sensitive?


Love Story

It was about 8 years ago
When we first spoke
We instantly clicked
Like a house up in smoke.

Somehow you were different
I hardly spoke to strangers
Though something let it happen
Perhaps it was my angels?

Soon we spoke daily
You became a best friend
Complimenting personalities
You were like a Godsend.

It wasn’t always easy
Things got complicated
Our friendship upset
The person I dated.

There were times we fell out
Didn’t speak for months
Both as stubborn as each other
This happened more than once.

Yet we always reunited
Felt like no time had passed
Back to being best friends
Oh so fast.

I guess at some point
We fell in love
Little did we know
It was a gift from above.

I didn’t want to lose our friendship
If our relationship ever failed
But it was inevitable
So courting entailed.

The most perfect thing followed
That I’ve ever known in my life
Effortless magnificence
It truly was divine.

I wanted to better you
Show you you were capable
I supported you greatly
Which made us seem unbreakable.

Then suddenly it happened
Everything went wrong
I started to lose hope
I started to feel less strong.

The thoughts going through my head
I just couldn’t fathom
For some strange reason
I couldn’t accept what happened.

I am so sad to say
Our relationship ended
But not only that
So did our friendship.

I can’t help but think
We made the wrong decision
I wonder if it’s too late
Lord, please give me a vision…


This morning when I woke
There was lots of sunshine
I survived through the night
Although you were no longer mine.

I tried to call you
Just to check that you’re OK
But you never picked up
So for you, I’ll pray.

Ask God that you make it
Be successful in your life
Live happily and healthily
Find yourself a good wife.

I’ll hold on to hope
That she may still be me
As they say if it’s truly yours
It’ll return after being set free.

I thank you for the memories
Your love, your protection
The way you made me laugh
And your endless affection.

Just to let you know
I still believe in you
Even though you have doubts
You can do anything you want to.

Just because we’ve parted
We’ve gone our separate ways
My heart will still love you
For the rest of my days.

You can do great things
Just believe in yourself
Just like I believe
We haven’t said our final farewell.

Chosen Ones

You and I,
We aren’t the chosen ones.
Chained to a routine
Only two days to have fun.

We can’t vacation
At the drop of a hat
We can’t just up and leave
Oh no, we certainly can’t do that.

We’re not special
Just tiny cogs in a wheel
We’re just the enablers
For someone else’s million dollar deal.

We can’t lie in daily
Except on a Sunday
At least not ’til we retire
We’ll get there someday.

We aren’t the chosen ones
So for us, we just observe
A hundred years from now
We won’t even exist to this Earth.

Love Hard

That’s the issue
When you love so hard
You get attached so quickly
Whether it’s a person or a car.

You’ll never get out
All that you put in
Inevitably you’ll get hurt
And it’s a painful thing.

You immerse your heart
Into details so small
Forgetting it’s not mutual
Setting yourself up to fall.

It’s not that you don’t learn
You believe things will change
You think you’ll find that something
That loves you back the same.

Then history repeats
You’re left disappointed
That love you loved so hard
In return, was not anointed.


One day you’ll kill me
We’re together all the time
No matter what happens
I can’t get you out of my mind.

You’re really no good
Messing with my life
Stop playing these cruel games
Making me so unkind.

You kept me out of trouble
On a few occasions
Pre-warned me of the venom
I’d foreseen in certain situations.

So for that I’m grateful
For the rest; I’m not
I’ll do anything, yes anything
For you to just stop.

You can still come visit
Though only if the time’s right
But you’ll have to stop intruding
In the middle of the night.

February ’16

All of a sudden
It got oh so cold
Icy like platinum
Unlike the warm gold.

Tripped up, hard
Face first to concrete
Soul smashed to pieces
Lost bits; incomplete.

One year maximum
To straighten the mind
As you know what they say –
Things get better with time.

Though after that hit
Scarring came easy
The slightest cut
Made the stomach queasy.

Eleven down, one left
Confusion still lingers
If only I had caught myself
And fell onto my fingers…