Accept your fate
Second best, always
Time and time again
365 by 23 days.

Love yourself
Only you can do
Between you and yourself
You’ll never have to choose.

Don’t settle
Never accept less
Give yourself
The very, very best.

You can do it
Don’t underestimate your strength
You’re truly your only friend
Right ’til the very end.


Bandwagon Jumpers

Nowadays everybody

Wants to jump on the bandwagon 

To be in with the stronger person

Even though they’re a dragon.

They’d rather go against

Whatever it is they believe 

To prevent being picked on 

So their life isn’t a misery. 

When one ‘strong’ person 

Picks on somebody else 

Everyone who is no one

Comes running like Santa’s elves. 

Common ground is what they require

To feel some form of acceptance 

As disagreeing they believe 

Will lead them to rejection.