Instantly we clicked
A match made in heaven
You and I were best friends
Starting in 2007.

Our random outings
Were always filled with laughter
Then later we’d reminisce
And giggle about it after.

We had our inside jokes
That nobody else understood
You got to know me in a way
That nobody else ever could.

You always picked me up
Whenever I was down
And as cliche as it is
You’d always transform my frown.

Then the day came
You had to up and leave
And I never told anybody
But I really did grieve.

Sometimes you’re in my dreams
I usually wake up in tears
Because that’s how much I miss you
And wish that you were still here.

I’m sure we’ll meet again
You’ll forever be my best friend
And even though we’re worlds away
I’ll love you ’til the very end.


Best Friend

There’s a few things you must do

If you have a friendship

That’s real and true.


No matter what the weather

Never give up on them

Never, ever.


The private jokes the two of you share

Make you laugh hysterically

Without a care.


If they drive their car into a ditch

Ask “You okay?!

You silly b****!”


Phone calls at three in the morning

Are now just normal

Cursing their name, waking up yawing.


Witnessing every emotion your friend has

No longer being afraid

When you see them get mad!


Having a best friend is truly great

A partner in crime

A pal, a mate!








I look at you from ’09 to ’10

Way back when we just became friends

I was the good girl, into my studies

Yet the bad boy and I became best of buddies


He was out drinking and smoking all night

Whilst I was focused, tryna get my grades right

But despite all that we’d conversate daily

And things with my man started to get shaky


So me and bad boy stopped talking for a while

Convinced myself he was cramping my style

But as time went by, we became best friends again

A friendship too deep to ever come to an end.


My relationship ended and I found someone new

And bad boy, you knew that it should have been you

Deep down inside I knew I should have been his girl

But at that point I was broken, my mind in another world.


He helped me recover from a broken heart

And that’s when our relationship came to a start

You were still the bad boy but had so much potential

So encouraging you daily was definitely essential.


It took a while, maybe a year or two

But your bad boy days are definitely through

So I write this now with you in my mind

Whilst you’re in a competition, tryna get signed. 


I’m so proud of you, I really, really am

As I watch you transition from boy to man…