Work to live
Live to die
Another forty years
Of nine to five?

Food,warmth shelter
None of that is free
Yet all of those things
I need to provide for me.

Trade your time
For dirty money
Forty hours a week
Doesn’t keep me comfy!

It’s dull; unfulfilling
It’s not my dream.
Permanently at the bottom
Of this pyramid scheme.

But I have no option
The chore, that is work
I have to accept my fate
No matter how hard it hurts.



I don’t care for what you have

I don’t care about your life

I don’t care if you think you’re better 

I don’t care if you think you’re right. 

You’re not above me

Nor are you below

We all breathe the same air 

Just to let you know. 

So what about your parents? 

Are you living off their name? 

You aren’t them, darling

Stop living off their ‘fame.’

Who cares if you’ve been everywhere?

Flying first class in the sky

You could be the Queen’s son 

Yet to me you’re just another guy. 

To be brutally honest 

I’m focusing on myself 

Not bothered about your life 

Or the life of anyone else. 

What made you think 

I even gave a damn? 

Don’t want to get too involved 

That’s just how I am. 

I’m here to do my job; I’m here for me

Not here to make friends

Don’t want to hear it 

So just be quiet, please! 


What is my purpose?
I don’t know my destiny
This life I lead now
Just isn’t meant for me.

Wanted to be a Scientist
But university is a scam
And in reality it’s just
A piece of paper after an exam.

Considered producing music
An ambition way too common
Though if I really tried
Who knows where I could have gotten?

So I tried to be a model
But my height let me down
Still hoping to get spotted
Whilst strutting around town.

I do still believe
That writing is my calling
But what if I don’t get my shot
Even if i’m putting my all in?