They say time’s of the essence
I feel it in your presence
And when I think back
To sweet adolescence.

It can cause you to drift
It can amend a rift
It might even cause
Your perspective to shift.

Fix what’s defective
Dull things reflective
Or maybe even render
Something ineffective.



Truth be told
I’m no longer sad
I don’t feel to yell
Even though I’m mad.

I can’t answer
When I ask myself why
All I know now
Is I don’t even feel to cry.

Once was a time
My mind was blown
Didn’t want to leave
Now I’d rather be alone.

Keep your distance
Your hands to yourself
Lately I’d much rather
You touch somebody else.

Expect disappointment
One thing I learned
Set my expectations too high
Then I got burned.

New Years Resolution

The start of the year
Is something quite strange
As for the first few days
Everybody wants to change.

They swear blind
They’re going on a diet
Drop a few sizes
Though I wish they’d be quiet.

It’s a time to revitalise
To become brand new
The New Year is the cue
To say to their old selves, “Adieu!”

Then comes February
Suddenly their mindset changed
Back to their old ways
Last month’s plans estranged.

It’s something like a drug
High on the new year ahead
A resolution they’ll soon forget
Temporarily infecting their heads.


It can’t all stay the same

So change is what they say

Whether you go from a Honda

To driving a Range. 

What you do

In your day to day

May go from ballet

To working as valet. 

You may strike it rich

Only to dig a ditch

Because you lost it all

When you got hitched.

Maybe you itch

For your home to switch

From a little shack

To a house in Swiss. 

One cannot deny

The oddity of life 

And how events that occur

Cause us to modify.


Honey, please explain 

As I just can’t understand 

Why you act like a teenager

Yet say you want to be a man?

You tell me everyday 

You want to change your life 

Get a decent job to pay bills 

And take me to be your wife.

Yet nothing ever differs

And everyday it’s the same 

Not acting upon your intentions

And expecting things change.

If your desire

To change was that bad 

I’m certain by now 

You would already have.