My Destiny

My destiny

Where I’m destined to be 

I can feel it close

It’s calling me. 

Set me free;

Please, oh please! 

I feel it, can’t see it

Just like the breeze. 

I pray on my knees 

That the blood I bleed

Will eventually lead

Me to my destiny. 


Questions For God

Man in the sky,

How do you do? 

There’s a million things 

I’d like to ask you. 

I trust you’re well

Hope you’re not angry 

Trying to live life right

But at times it’s hard, quite frankly. 

Anyways i’ll proceed,


But don’t take it wrong

As I know you want the best. 

So first question is, 

What is my purpose? 

There must be a reason

I’m in the universe.

I want to make a change 

But I need your guidance.

I doubt i’m here

Just to be silent. 

Another thing I ask

Why was my childhood bad? 

I know there was a reason 

You gave me that stepdad. 

What about the people 

I’ve met along the way?

From the disrespectful mongrels 

To the ones who’ve made my day? 

There must be a reason 

You made us all cross trails

I believe there’s more to it 

Than just being able to tell tales.

How comes I can hear music 

Then play it back like that? 

Was being a pianist my calling?

Is that what I shine at? 

Tell me about the future 

Can you give me a sneak peak? 

Am I destined for greatness

Or will it just be bleak? 

One thing I will say is 

I’m not questioning your plan 

I just want some insight 

Enlighten me if you can? 

Anyways big guy 

I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for listening 

Please get back. 


What is my purpose?
I don’t know my destiny
This life I lead now
Just isn’t meant for me.

Wanted to be a Scientist
But university is a scam
And in reality it’s just
A piece of paper after an exam.

Considered producing music
An ambition way too common
Though if I really tried
Who knows where I could have gotten?

So I tried to be a model
But my height let me down
Still hoping to get spotted
Whilst strutting around town.

I do still believe
That writing is my calling
But what if I don’t get my shot
Even if i’m putting my all in?