Instantly we clicked
A match made in heaven
You and I were best friends
Starting in 2007.

Our random outings
Were always filled with laughter
Then later we’d reminisce
And giggle about it after.

We had our inside jokes
That nobody else understood
You got to know me in a way
That nobody else ever could.

You always picked me up
Whenever I was down
And as cliche as it is
You’d always transform my frown.

Then the day came
You had to up and leave
And I never told anybody
But I really did grieve.

Sometimes you’re in my dreams
I usually wake up in tears
Because that’s how much I miss you
And wish that you were still here.

I’m sure we’ll meet again
You’ll forever be my best friend
And even though we’re worlds away
I’ll love you ’til the very end.


Third Floor Poet

What am I doing?
My heart ain’t in this
And if I can’t give my all
I’d rather give it a miss.

Look where I am
Look what I’m doing
Writing on the low
My real dream I’m pursuing.

My secret little spot
On the third floor
Where it’s nice and quiet
The place I adore.

A comfy place to sit
As I write rhymes
That keep me going
All through the night.

Need to make a move
As time is just wasting
This dead end job
To me is procrastinating.

Another Day

Another day
Again the same
5:45, of course A
Now it’s time to play.

Pretend I’m content
Try not to vent
Don’t reveal my intent
This lifestyle, I resent.

Instead I dream
Of simply being
A writer, you see
It’s the life destined for me.

I do fear the risk
Of giving up this
The security is bliss
Though I’d rather give it a miss.

I fear of getting old
My passion turning cold
Being stuck in a mould
My stories going untold.

Waiting on a sign
I just can’t seem to find
Must be all in my mind
Unless I’m blind…