Instantly we clicked
A match made in heaven
You and I were best friends
Starting in 2007.

Our random outings
Were always filled with laughter
Then later we’d reminisce
And giggle about it after.

We had our inside jokes
That nobody else understood
You got to know me in a way
That nobody else ever could.

You always picked me up
Whenever I was down
And as cliche as it is
You’d always transform my frown.

Then the day came
You had to up and leave
And I never told anybody
But I really did grieve.

Sometimes you’re in my dreams
I usually wake up in tears
Because that’s how much I miss you
And wish that you were still here.

I’m sure we’ll meet again
You’ll forever be my best friend
And even though we’re worlds away
I’ll love you ’til the very end.


Love Story

It was about 8 years ago
When we first spoke
We instantly clicked
Like a house up in smoke.

Somehow you were different
I hardly spoke to strangers
Though something let it happen
Perhaps it was my angels?

Soon we spoke daily
You became a best friend
Complimenting personalities
You were like a Godsend.

It wasn’t always easy
Things got complicated
Our friendship upset
The person I dated.

There were times we fell out
Didn’t speak for months
Both as stubborn as each other
This happened more than once.

Yet we always reunited
Felt like no time had passed
Back to being best friends
Oh so fast.

I guess at some point
We fell in love
Little did we know
It was a gift from above.

I didn’t want to lose our friendship
If our relationship ever failed
But it was inevitable
So courting entailed.

The most perfect thing followed
That I’ve ever known in my life
Effortless magnificence
It truly was divine.

I wanted to better you
Show you you were capable
I supported you greatly
Which made us seem unbreakable.

Then suddenly it happened
Everything went wrong
I started to lose hope
I started to feel less strong.

The thoughts going through my head
I just couldn’t fathom
For some strange reason
I couldn’t accept what happened.

I am so sad to say
Our relationship ended
But not only that
So did our friendship.

I can’t help but think
We made the wrong decision
I wonder if it’s too late
Lord, please give me a vision…

Abandoned Friendship

I think I’ve lost my best friend

To the love which I was destined

And now I’ve learnt a lesson

By putting her second.

To add to the situation

She moved away for education

Whilst I lived in flirtation

Without changing location.

The days soon turned to weeks

Kisses now on the lips, not cheeks

Seldom would me and bestie speak

And if we did, it was brief.

Yet when we did get together

It was as if we had never

Left each other’s side forever

Like birds of a feather.

But these days are different

She’s increasingly distant

And although I’m persistent

She appears to have no interest.

Our plans are always cancelled

So I think I’ll stop the battle

Our relationship, now trampled

I’ll assume this friendship abandoned.

Best Friend

There’s a few things you must do

If you have a friendship

That’s real and true.


No matter what the weather

Never give up on them

Never, ever.


The private jokes the two of you share

Make you laugh hysterically

Without a care.


If they drive their car into a ditch

Ask “You okay?!

You silly b****!”


Phone calls at three in the morning

Are now just normal

Cursing their name, waking up yawing.


Witnessing every emotion your friend has

No longer being afraid

When you see them get mad!


Having a best friend is truly great

A partner in crime

A pal, a mate!