It was someday
Back in the nineties
Playing basketball
With Joe and Mikey.

The sky turned white
The clouds, they parted
I wasn’t winning
But was about to get rewarded.

The ground disappeared
I projected into the sky
No longer could I see
Joe and Mike.

Suddenly I felt free
Weightless, unearthly
Highly important
Beautiful and worthy.

Then I met my maker
My giver of life
Who welcomed me in
With a gleaming smile…



I should really speak to God
Ask Him if it’s me
So many people have left me hurt
Like I’m some sort of disease.
I’ll ask Him why they did it
Why there were allowed to get away
Why I had to go through things
I’ll get on my knees and pray.


As I lay here
Staring at my love
I truly believe
God sent him from above.

Not just for joy
But to test my patience
To simply hold on
Though I really hate waiting.

To make me more arduous
To forgive and forget
To make me the wife
Who won’t ever fret.

Not just for me
But for my love also
God sent him me
Good footsteps to follow.

A hand to hold
To guide him to the light
A reason to succeed
For my love, he’ll fight.

To stay within boundaries
To not take advantage
For we both keep each other
Out of the darkness.

The Court Of God

The court of God
Is all in order
He said He doesn’t like
What they’re doing to His daughter.

They made her cry
They made her suffer
Though He does agree
It made her tougher.

They won’t get away
They’ll soon be punished
Their evil ways
Will certainly not flourish.

He’ll send down his angels
To assist with the case
To uncover the wicked
And their unjust ways.

He’ll bless his daughter
Reward her for suffering
As the Lord thy God
Is extremely comforting.

Beautiful Angel

My beautiful angel
My sanity you preserve
The purest form of love
I’ve ever observed.

My spirit you lift
When rock bottom is nigh
You raise me above
The stars and the sky.

My heart you healed –
‘Twas shattered to shards!
You helped me let down
A ferocious guard.

My precious darling
You’re cherished tenderly
You released my chains
You set me free.

Eternity Love

By the grace
Of the almighty father
We’ll be together from now
Til here on after.

Sometime soon
Gone will be the days
Where each and every night
We are forced to part ways.

Gladly replaced
By your soul beside mine
Each night that we sleep
Each time that we dine.

Together we’ll be
Til infinity, for eternity
Since I love you for more
Than what the eye sees externally.

Big G

Dear big G
Up in the sky
Just wanted to say
You’re an amazing guy.

As I lay down
My tired head to rest
I just want to thank you
For making me so blessed.

Even the bad days
I know serve purpose
As they inspire me to write
At least a few verses.

Thanks for my family
Thanks for my friends
Thank you for my talent
With the piano and the pen.

So, big G
I’ll leave it as that
Talk again soon
And once again, thanks.

Unhappy New Year

Who would have thought

Two hours into the year, so distraught

A car accident at two AM

Really broke me down, my friend

Replaying in my mind again and again

Already wanting this year to end.

I thought fifteen was my lucky number

Yet I’ve sat here all day crying for my mother

Blubbing away like a baby in distress

Feeling guilty for this unfortunate mess

Deep down inside I still know I’m blessed

Though I can’t help but wonder what God has for me next.

Usually these things are blessings in disguise

So the good news that’s coming will be a nice surprise

However I’m not even going to try to guess

What God is going to give to me next

Even though I’m temporarily experiencing stress

I know this happened for the best.


Last night as I laid in bed and cried

I spoke my heart and told God why.

Though I was sad I knew that whatever

Was going on would soon become better.

So I trusted the Lord and tried to sleep

Next morning apparent I didn’t catch a peep.

I still felt down but knew it’d be okay

Left the house feeling unprepared for the day.

When I arrived at the dreaded, awful place

I was shockingly surprised by smiles and grace

An apology in disguise was even heard

Clear to see that a miracle had occurred!

I still stood my ground and stayed alone

Occupied my time with a friend on the phone.

I felt so at ease, I had worried for nothing

The whole evening before I had spent fussing.

A little while later, I started to feel uneasy

My heart was pounding, difficulty breathing

I didn’t know why yet I still trusted the Lord

Got home safely and now I feel assured.

I’m sure this is a message directly from Him

He definitely wants to tell me something.

Maybe through these poems i’ll find a light

To guide me to the life which He knows is right.