Truth be told
I’m no longer sad
I don’t feel to yell
Even though I’m mad.

I can’t answer
When I ask myself why
All I know now
Is I don’t even feel to cry.

Once was a time
My mind was blown
Didn’t want to leave
Now I’d rather be alone.

Keep your distance
Your hands to yourself
Lately I’d much rather
You touch somebody else.

Expect disappointment
One thing I learned
Set my expectations too high
Then I got burned.



I promise to never
Let you down, ever
To do what it takes
Now and forever.

I won’t let you down
Shine your crown
You’ll never lose your slipper
Under your ballgown.

You don’t have to fear
Because I’m right here
Unlike all the others
Whose promises disappeared.

LaLa Land

Lala Land; in others words
Deep inside my mind
Is the only place I look
And happiness I’ll find.

Summery long days
With sunshine so bright
Ending with twinkling stars
Alighting the pitch black night.

No such thing as worries
No problems or fears
And only from laughter
Will you ever find tears.

Flowers fully bloomed
Every colour so vivid
With a place so beautiful
How could one ever be livid?

Airy living spaces
Simplistic, clutter free
Deep inside my mind
Is definitely the place to be.


Immersed in darkness
Broken by dotted lights
Cold enough to see your breath
On these beautiful November nights.

The warmth hits you immediately
As you step inside your abode
There really is no place like home
Or that warm, welcoming glow.

The stars sparkle white
Decorating the inky sky
Though flashes of every colour
Are present on Bonfire Night.

Those romantic nights in
Seem to last an eternity
Gazing out the window
Admiring leaves so burgundy.

Though outside may be chilly
Things are thoroughly pleasant
Oh, November
How I do love your presence!

Emoji Poem

Some days I’m 😃
Some days I’m ☹️
Some days I’m 😶
Some days I’m 😡

Usually I 🚘
Sometimes take 🚂
Rarely I 🚲
Often I’ll go in a ✈️

I’m afraid of 🕷
Adore 🐈
Quite like 🐍
Afraid of 🐀

Love to play 🎹
As well as 🎤
A big fan of 🎼
Especially classical 🎻

A watch lots of 📽
I also like to 📝
On my 📱
Really late at 🌌

I like to eat 🍔
Along with 🍟
Plus I’ve seen a 👻
Before my very 👀!

Beautiful Angel

My beautiful angel
My sanity you preserve
The purest form of love
I’ve ever observed.

My spirit you lift
When rock bottom is nigh
You raise me above
The stars and the sky.

My heart you healed –
‘Twas shattered to shards!
You helped me let down
A ferocious guard.

My precious darling
You’re cherished tenderly
You released my chains
You set me free.

Happy Little Place

There’s a happy little place
In my mind
It’s oh so perfect
Even the trolls are kind.

Unicorns bask
On luscious green hills
Colourful candy
Replaces any pills.

Permanent rainbows
Decorate the skies
You couldn’t be sad
Even if you tried.

As the sun sets
Over this cheery place
The happiness is clear
On everyone’s face.

Except for mine
Since I have to go home
Back to the real world
Where it’s lonely and cold.