That Girl

For all what it’s worth
For all that it hurt
Never forget
It made you that girl.

On you shoulder, no chip
In your stride, not a skip
It simply made you
Didn’t cause you a blip.

So now you have perspective
Give yourself objectives
Toughened up
Rather than becoming defective.



Just let it go
It wasn’t meant to be
You gave it your all
And now it’s clear to see.

Accept it’s the end
You wasn’t good enough
You know they say life
Can sometimes be tough.

There’ll be ups
There’ll be downs
There’ll be smiles
No doubt there’ll be frowns.

You’ll get better
Like you always do
It’s just another obstacle
That you’ll get through.

Love Hard

That’s the issue
When you love so hard
You get attached so quickly
Whether it’s a person or a car.

You’ll never get out
All that you put in
Inevitably you’ll get hurt
And it’s a painful thing.

You immerse your heart
Into details so small
Forgetting it’s not mutual
Setting yourself up to fall.

It’s not that you don’t learn
You believe things will change
You think you’ll find that something
That loves you back the same.

Then history repeats
You’re left disappointed
That love you loved so hard
In return, was not anointed.

Love Hard

I love you so hard 

No doubt you’ve left a mark

From the day we met 

No denying, there was a spark. 

Anything for you 

Believe me, I’d do 

Take a bullet to my heart

So you can see your life through. 

If ever I was to fall

If ever I lost it all

I’d still be complete 

As on you I could call. 

And baby, please believe 

You can always count on me

I’ll always be here for you 

I’ll never, ever leave.


Scrounging Leeches

Working real hard 

Putting my soul and heart in

Just to have to witness

These scroungers constant partying. 

You chose to get pregnant

Whilst you were underage

Knowing you couldn’t support yourself

Thus stealing the tax payers wage. 

Please don’t get me wrong 

As not everyone is the same 

There’s definitely some out there 

Who want to pave their own way. 

But it’s the ones who are proud 

Of the leeching way they live 

They’d never ever say no 

To what people are forced to give. 

It truly is painful 

Especially when you work hard 

For someone just to take you money

For doing nothing – it’s really absurd.