It was someday
Back in the nineties
Playing basketball
With Joe and Mikey.

The sky turned white
The clouds, they parted
I wasn’t winning
But was about to get rewarded.

The ground disappeared
I projected into the sky
No longer could I see
Joe and Mike.

Suddenly I felt free
Weightless, unearthly
Highly important
Beautiful and worthy.

Then I met my maker
My giver of life
Who welcomed me in
With a gleaming smile…


For My Kitty

Hey there, little Ginger
I’ve missed you since you’ve been gone
It’s been just over a year now
I didn’t think it was that long.

I still hear you purr
Or meow in your little voice
And even though you smelled a bit
You were still my number one choice.

I hope you’re having fun
Up there in pet heaven
Looking down upon me
Twenty four hours, times seven.

I knew you were leaving
So I said my goodbyes before vacation
I think we understood each other
Maybe you hinted you wouldn’t make it.

You knew when I was sad
It’s like you could read my mind
You’d always come and sit with me
You really were so kind.

Anyways, little kitty
Someday I’ll see you soon
Come see me in my dreams in the meantime
We’ll meet halfway on the moon.


We share this world

With one another

With people we dislike

Or those who are like brothers.

Admittedly alone

We’d never survive

If we didn’t have each other

By our sides.

But one thing I’ve found

In my short time here

People can make your day

Or ruin your year.

Different personalties

Tastes and opinions.

Those who are leaders

And those who are minions.

Together they create

This crazy place

Which we all must face

Day by day.

They make our lives hell

They make our lives heaven

Doesn’t matter if they’re old

Or if they’re seven.

We’ll never be perfect

Agreements? Never

But one thing’s for sure

There’s no escaping people forever.