LaLa Land

Lala Land; in others words
Deep inside my mind
Is the only place I look
And happiness I’ll find.

Summery long days
With sunshine so bright
Ending with twinkling stars
Alighting the pitch black night.

No such thing as worries
No problems or fears
And only from laughter
Will you ever find tears.

Flowers fully bloomed
Every colour so vivid
With a place so beautiful
How could one ever be livid?

Airy living spaces
Simplistic, clutter free
Deep inside my mind
Is definitely the place to be.


Happy Little Place

There’s a happy little place
In my mind
It’s oh so perfect
Even the trolls are kind.

Unicorns bask
On luscious green hills
Colourful candy
Replaces any pills.

Permanent rainbows
Decorate the skies
You couldn’t be sad
Even if you tried.

As the sun sets
Over this cheery place
The happiness is clear
On everyone’s face.

Except for mine
Since I have to go home
Back to the real world
Where it’s lonely and cold.


In my head I live with the fairies
In a mystical forest that’s bright and airy
The moon glows blue and tiny lanterns glow
And angels of heaven seem to come and go.

Just before that I lived the hard rock life
Vodka for breakfast followed by strife
Sold out arenas to please the fans
Touring on the road with numerous bands.

Being a Hollywood housewife wasn’t for me
Even though I never had to cook or clean
I shopped til I dropped every weekend
Threw extravagant parties and had lunches with friends.

Eventually I worked in real estate
Three story homes and yachts i’d renovate
Not a fancy neighbourhood that I haven’t seen
Though that phase of life’s now just a ‘has been.’

Maybe next i’ll be a Queen
Or a deep sea explorer in a submarine
Free to be me, away from reality
Forever i’ll live in my deepest fantasies.