That Girl

For all what it’s worth
For all that it hurt
Never forget
It made you that girl.

On you shoulder, no chip
In your stride, not a skip
It simply made you
Didn’t cause you a blip.

So now you have perspective
Give yourself objectives
Toughened up
Rather than becoming defective.


Life Writer

The more intense my hurt
The deeper my words
The more I feel pain
The prettier the songbird.

The hotter the fire
The more I’m inspired
The more I believe
I’m truly a writer.

Every time I enter hell
I have a story to tell
To illustrate how I got up
Soon after I fell.

The events of my life
Inspire me to write
When all is in darkness
It serves as my light.

The Simple Life

In a luxurious bedroom
I see myself laying
Writing out poems
With classical music playing.

Somewhere in the Hills
Tucked away and hidden
Ending each day
Reviewing what I’d written.

In this vision
My job’d be to write
In this vision
My job would be my life.

The few days off
Equal time to be inspired
Time to travel the world
For ideas to be acquired.

That’s the life I need
The life envisioned in my dreams
Perfection is what I see-
A life of simplicity.