It is what it is
Don’t always get
What you give
And it’s true what they say
Trust is a big thing.

Time after time
Swear you’ll lose
Your mind
Though it does get better –
And you’ll end up being fine.

Emotions they grow
Do go
One day you feel warm
Then the next you’re so cold.



I picture us as glasses
Equally filled
Then me unto you
Myself I spilled.

Enamoured I was
In seeing you satiate
It brought me joy
To see you substantiate.

Always giving
I continued to pour
I permeated you
More and more.

One desolate day
I realised I was empty
I was bone dry
Whilst you had plenty.

But it was too late
I was incomplete
I had lost myself
And you had gained me.


Just let it go
It wasn’t meant to be
You gave it your all
And now it’s clear to see.

Accept it’s the end
You wasn’t good enough
You know they say life
Can sometimes be tough.

There’ll be ups
There’ll be downs
There’ll be smiles
No doubt there’ll be frowns.

You’ll get better
Like you always do
It’s just another obstacle
That you’ll get through.


Work to live
Live to die
Another forty years
Of nine to five?

Food,warmth shelter
None of that is free
Yet all of those things
I need to provide for me.

Trade your time
For dirty money
Forty hours a week
Doesn’t keep me comfy!

It’s dull; unfulfilling
It’s not my dream.
Permanently at the bottom
Of this pyramid scheme.

But I have no option
The chore, that is work
I have to accept my fate
No matter how hard it hurts.

LaLa Land

Lala Land; in others words
Deep inside my mind
Is the only place I look
And happiness I’ll find.

Summery long days
With sunshine so bright
Ending with twinkling stars
Alighting the pitch black night.

No such thing as worries
No problems or fears
And only from laughter
Will you ever find tears.

Flowers fully bloomed
Every colour so vivid
With a place so beautiful
How could one ever be livid?

Airy living spaces
Simplistic, clutter free
Deep inside my mind
Is definitely the place to be.

Chosen Ones

You and I,
We aren’t the chosen ones.
Chained to a routine
Only two days to have fun.

We can’t vacation
At the drop of a hat
We can’t just up and leave
Oh no, we certainly can’t do that.

We’re not special
Just tiny cogs in a wheel
We’re just the enablers
For someone else’s million dollar deal.

We can’t lie in daily
Except on a Sunday
At least not ’til we retire
We’ll get there someday.

We aren’t the chosen ones
So for us, we just observe
A hundred years from now
We won’t even exist to this Earth.


One day you’ll kill me
We’re together all the time
No matter what happens
I can’t get you out of my mind.

You’re really no good
Messing with my life
Stop playing these cruel games
Making me so unkind.

You kept me out of trouble
On a few occasions
Pre-warned me of the venom
I’d foreseen in certain situations.

So for that I’m grateful
For the rest; I’m not
I’ll do anything, yes anything
For you to just stop.

You can still come visit
Though only if the time’s right
But you’ll have to stop intruding
In the middle of the night.

February ’16

All of a sudden
It got oh so cold
Icy like platinum
Unlike the warm gold.

Tripped up, hard
Face first to concrete
Soul smashed to pieces
Lost bits; incomplete.

One year maximum
To straighten the mind
As you know what they say –
Things get better with time.

Though after that hit
Scarring came easy
The slightest cut
Made the stomach queasy.

Eleven down, one left
Confusion still lingers
If only I had caught myself
And fell onto my fingers…