Need Me A Me

I need me a me
For love and company
To sit back and chill
To watch some T.V.

I need me a me
To go out to eat
To dress up for dates
To play in the sheets.

I need me a me
To cross the sea
See some new places
Take pictures at the beach.

I need me a me
To set myself free
To fall in love again
Just to be.


Who Am I?

I write poems
From many points of view
Have many personalities
My own one too.

Sometimes I’m old
Sometimes I’m young
Sometimes I’m boring
Sometimes I’m fun.

Many times I wonder
Who I’m perceived to be
If we ever crossed paths
Would you know it was me?

What do I look like?
What’s my day to day?
Where do I live?

Where’s my favourite place?

Am I poor?
Do I like sushi?
Am I serious?
Or rather goofy?

I feel I’m anonymous
Yet my writing is so telling
What do you know about me
Is a question that’s so compelling.