Truth be told
I’m no longer sad
I don’t feel to yell
Even though I’m mad.

I can’t answer
When I ask myself why
All I know now
Is I don’t even feel to cry.

Once was a time
My mind was blown
Didn’t want to leave
Now I’d rather be alone.

Keep your distance
Your hands to yourself
Lately I’d much rather
You touch somebody else.

Expect disappointment
One thing I learned
Set my expectations too high
Then I got burned.


No Emotion

Imagine in life
We could rid our emotions
Wouldn’t feel a damn thing
Just go through the motions.

Nothing would affect us
Nobody would care
A worldwide indifference
A neutral affair.

No more sadness
No more joy
No more fear
Nothing to enjoy.

You couldn’t get hurt
Though you wouldn’t feel love
You wouldn’t be grateful
For a reassuring hug.

There’d be no more
Crying or pain
But also no more
Happiness to gain.