Just let it go
It wasn’t meant to be
You gave it your all
And now it’s clear to see.

Accept it’s the end
You wasn’t good enough
You know they say life
Can sometimes be tough.

There’ll be ups
There’ll be downs
There’ll be smiles
No doubt there’ll be frowns.

You’ll get better
Like you always do
It’s just another obstacle
That you’ll get through.



When it can’t be put into words, it’s an issue.

I set out on a path
Now I’ve hit a crossroad
No amount of thinking
Can tell me which way to go.

You gave me direction
Without reason to believe
There’s things you say
Then there’s things I see.

I’m afraid you don’t want me
I’m afraid you’re afraid to tell me so
I’m afraid I’m holding you back
I’m afraid I’ll wrongly let go.

Reading back you’ll know
Rejection was once an issue
So in between those lines
I grabbed myself a tissue.

Even if you don’t want me
I want and need myself
As the past has taught me
That’s all I need to excel.

Really, I do love you
Though I question if it’s mutual
And if it isn’t
Then the situation isn’t unusual.

Please don’t hold back
I’ve experienced much worse
Don’t fool me if it’s not real
As ten times more that’ll hurt.