Red Sky Rain

Staring at the red sky
Following the rain
Don’t I write so beautifully
When I’m in pain?

Adorned with gold flecks
Illuminating the sky
So far from the ground
But are you really that high?

Really, you’re doomed
Locked up, suppressed
Did you actually believe them
When they said you’d get the best?

Put the pen down
Stop writing – turn off the light
Stop living in a dream
It’s time again to fight.



Lust Hard

Swallow you like a drug
Rain down on me from above
I’ll forget my pain
As you say my name
And drown me in your love.

Tears this time from joy
State of euphoria – oh boy!
No more hurt
Plus I’m fully alert
The only thing I enjoy.

Intense rocking motions
As you explore deep in my ocean
Going wild
For once, I smile
During our explicit commotion.

I like this lust hard
For I forget about my scars
Instead of sob
I simply throb
Not concerned about my past.