Barely two decades
I’ve been in existence
Yet it seems like a lifetime
I’ve endured this distance.

It will get better
My heart will soon mend
And I promise myself
I won’t ever do this again.

The glass is now empty
I’m completely drained
I didn’t do anything wrong
Yet I’m the one feeling pain.

I just can’t fathom
Your repeated disrespect
I gave you all I could give
Something I now regret.

I gave you the world
I gave you everything
But it wasn’t enough
So I’ve got to spread my wings.



This morning when I woke
There was lots of sunshine
I survived through the night
Although you were no longer mine.

I tried to call you
Just to check that you’re OK
But you never picked up
So for you, I’ll pray.

Ask God that you make it
Be successful in your life
Live happily and healthily
Find yourself a good wife.

I’ll hold on to hope
That she may still be me
As they say if it’s truly yours
It’ll return after being set free.

I thank you for the memories
Your love, your protection
The way you made me laugh
And your endless affection.

Just to let you know
I still believe in you
Even though you have doubts
You can do anything you want to.

Just because we’ve parted
We’ve gone our separate ways
My heart will still love you
For the rest of my days.

You can do great things
Just believe in yourself
Just like I believe
We haven’t said our final farewell.


When it can’t be put into words, it’s an issue.

I set out on a path
Now I’ve hit a crossroad
No amount of thinking
Can tell me which way to go.

You gave me direction
Without reason to believe
There’s things you say
Then there’s things I see.

I’m afraid you don’t want me
I’m afraid you’re afraid to tell me so
I’m afraid I’m holding you back
I’m afraid I’ll wrongly let go.

Reading back you’ll know
Rejection was once an issue
So in between those lines
I grabbed myself a tissue.

Even if you don’t want me
I want and need myself
As the past has taught me
That’s all I need to excel.

Really, I do love you
Though I question if it’s mutual
And if it isn’t
Then the situation isn’t unusual.

Please don’t hold back
I’ve experienced much worse
Don’t fool me if it’s not real
As ten times more that’ll hurt.

In Two

So beautiful
Is my king
His luscious hair
And glowing skin.
He thinks I lie
But there’s a problem deep within.

His arms
His embrace
Seeing him
Improves my day
I love him inside out
Except in that one particular way.

I certainly am
Can’t make him feel
Like a man
And it pains me badly
This, I cannot stand!

It’s true
I really am
In love with you
Temporarily I’m broken
It’s tearing me in two.

I just want
To be one
Whole again
Real fun
Show you, my love
The brightness of my sun.


Let’s face it
Time – you’re wasting
Carry on this way
And batteries will soon need replacing.

It’s dreams I’m chasing
Whilst you’re procrastinating
Not taking any action
Success – you just don’t crave it.

But I’ve studied your raising
How your life is plain sailing
Your every need catered to
So you see no point in changing.

My desire is fading
As I’m going places
Our lifestyles aren’t compatible
Because of how you’re behaving.

Stuck In Your Ways

You’re stuck in your ways

Never going to change 

Realised a little late 

So I’ve decided not to stay. 

Chance after chance

Yet you wouldn’t advance

There goes the hopes

Of a trip to France. 

My own time I wasted

Trying to get you to places

Though excuse after excuse 

You always created.

Been deceived long enough

So darling, good luck 

With you future endeavours 

If they happen, ever. 


Just because we fell in love

It doesn’t mean we’re meant to be

I love you dearly but i’ve realised

You don’t want the same in life as me.


I believe in hard work

To get to where I want to go

To buy the things my heart desires

Whereas you want to take it slow.


You think you have time now

You’re whole life is still ahead

However I listened to the old folks

When “25 years flew by!” is what they said.


You don’t mind being given things

Whereas i’d much rather strive

You’re happy being lazy

Whereas I depend on myself to survive.


I don’t know if you realise

We’re not fifteen anymore?

Wasting your precious life away

Is something you just can’t afford!


I could love you forever

There’s no doubt in that.

But there’s no way I can do it

Since you won’t straighten your act.







Trust Issues

You say you trust me but I don’t know why

Because it’s clear to me that you’re telling a lie

Why do you question if I’ve been with every guy?

Those words hurt me, but to you it’s alright


I admit i’m not perfect, we all make mistakes

But I moved on from that, left behind the fakes

You know for you, i’d do whatever it takes

But if you don’t trust me our love is at stake


So if this issue cannot be resolved

Let’s just move on as two separate souls.

I’ll change my mindset, my life and my goals

Because soon enough, this love will turn cold…