Sunday Funday

Is no fun day
Because the next
Is miserable Monday.

And gloom
Feeling blue
Moping in your room.

You un-disarm
Early mornings
Really aren’t a charm.

We feign
Another week
Oh, such pain.


Go Ahead

Go ahead girl,
Just act like it never happened
Act like you don’t think about it
That moment, how deep the cracks ran.

I know you died a little more that night
Yet on the surface you somehow grew
You got stronger with every breath
You made sure they all knew.

Pretend you don’t fall apart
Like you’re fine that nothing’s perfect
Pretend you don’t question it all
Asking yourself “Is it worth it?”

Keep faking that it’s fine
You’re not afraid of dependency
See how far it gets you
And in the end you’ll see.

Ocean Tears

Unloved, dare I say neglected?
Such a young age to feel unprotected.
Those memories can’t be corrected
So now with sadness, I’m infected.

That ocean I created from tears
Enough to last a lifetime in arrears
Now short sighted yet it’s clear
Despite everything, you’re still not here.

So now fear I relate to loneliness
Though somehow it’s harmonious
An oxymoronic associate
The sad little song; quite harmonious.


Hello there, Sadness
My one and only friend
You’ve been here from day one
No doubt you’ll be here ’til the end.

You’ve grown up beside me
You fought away my joy
Like the government of my emotions
My tears you deploy.

Like a loyal friend
You’ve always had my back
Ready to come out fighting
At the smallest of cracks.

Sadness, dear Sadness
Will you ever leave my side?
Sadness, my friend
Happiness, you’ve denied.

The Feeling

Very well I know the feeling
Of being unwanted, a burden
Very well I know the feeling
Of emotional distress and hurting.

To be the odd one out
And treated as just that
The one who had the least
Though was somehow a spoiled brat.

The first one to be discarded
At the earliest opportunity
The only one who was ever
Under extreme scrutiny.

To see someone treated the same
Pains my battered heart
It brings tears to my eyes
To see someone else ripped apart.


Through no fault of my own
Did this situation arise
Yet it still pains me deeply
From time to time I still cry.

I sense the sadness
The hurting, all the pain
I wish I could do something
Even though I’m not to blame.

If only I could fix things
Make the situation better
Remove all the sorrow
Replace it with pleasure.

I can’t help but wonder
If they consider my hurt?
And if they had the chance
Would they fix my world?

No Love

Neglected, abandoned
I forever feel that way
A burden, a nightmare
I felt, every single day.

A mother’s love they claim
A child won’t understand
Though my mother’s love
Was all saved for a man.

He tore us apart
Broke an unbreakable bond
Never will it return
As forever, it’s gone.

He pushed me out
Whilst roping her in deeper
I was just dead weight
And she had found a keeper.

My mum got frustrated
Said I was always depressed
Even though she knew
I was under a lot of stress.

I always used to ruin it
Everything was my fault
Suicidal at eight years old
My life I wanted to halt.

Over a decade passed
My feelings still remain
Days I still cry about it
A broken heart equals pain.

When life goes wrong
The cut always rips open
When life goes wrong
I’m reminded I’m forever broken.

Sweet Things

Sweet little things
Make me cry
They always have done
And I don’t know why.

Little baby animals
Even a stuffed toy
Just small things
That bring others joy.

Makes me feel sad
Brings me to tears
Though it’s not something
I’d confess to my peers.

A cute penguin cupcake
With tiny flippers
Is more than enough
To bring tears to my whiskers.

I’ve never understood
Doubt I ever will
Why do these things?
Make my tears spill?


What used to mean so much
Is merely just a smudge
Everything means nothing
Life I don’t love.

I focused on my career
My future seemed clear
Now it’s just a blur
I’ve given up, it appears.

I set myself small goals
To fill in the holes
But they don’t matter now
I’ve lost control.

Rarely I would cry
Didn’t even want to die
Now that’s all I wish for
Living, I despise.

Can’t carry the burden
The pain, the hurting
My limit has been reached
I’m depressed, I’m certain.

Questions To Life Lovers

To the vigorous lovers of life
Can you please explain to me why?
You have a burning passion inside
And are very afraid to die?

You wake up bright and cheery
Love everything so very dearly
Never have days that are dreary
Everything for you goes so sincerely.

Then you have people like myself
Who seemingly are living in hell
Each day we come out of our shell
In desperate hope we hear the knell.

Nothing will ever go our way
Riddled with new issues every day
The sky is never blue, always grey
And sadly for us, life is here to stay.