Living Life

That’s the life
They teach us at school
Get top grades
Don’t be a fool.

Go off to college
Get a PhD
To get a top job
And start a family.

Work your way up
Get to the top
Earn enough money
To support ma and pop.

Take vacations
At least twice a year
With the wife and the kids
And toast over a beer.

Far from reality
Life isn’t a breeze
Yet that’s the expectation
They feed us, with ease.

Don’t settle for less
What if less settles for us?
What do we do then?
That, they won’t discuss.

Life gives you lemons
Just make lemonade!
I wish it was as simple
As it is to say.



School Days

Remember the days

When life was a breeze

Summer holidays were the best

Everything, at ease.

The biggest problem

Was double maths in the morning

Because by lunchtime

You’d already be yawning.

But it was okay

You could go home and sleep

Nobody would bother you

You wouldn’t hear a peep.

Friday night lights

Having sleepovers with friends

Those weekends filled with laughter

You just didn’t want to end.

Detention was a bore

Much like being at work

Now nothing goes unnoticed

Not even the slightest smirk.

Now it all makes sense

What the adults used to say

“Being young’s the best time of life.”

Believe me, I reminisce every day.