What I saw
In the woods
Wasn’t good!

In shock
I stared
I froze
I was scared!

No sense
I could make
Of the scene
By the lake.

This feeling
I was getting
Was new to me
Palms were sweating.

Why’s my body
Reacting this way?
It reminds me of
Modelling clay.

Should I tell
What I saw?
Or revisit the memory
A few times more?



I’m not being secretive
I’m simply being wise
I’ve heard with my ears
And seen with my eyes.

I’m not foolish enough
To repeat a mistake twice
Instead I keep my mouth shut
Go to others for advice.

I’ll save myself the trouble
The drama, the shame
As looking back on last time
I had only myself to blame.

I’d rather me be sad
Than cause others issues
Cry myself to sleep
Erase evidence with tissues.

So that is why
These days I say less.
Yes it may frustrate you
But it avoids a mess.