I picture us as glasses
Equally filled
Then me unto you
Myself I spilled.

Enamoured I was
In seeing you satiate
It brought me joy
To see you substantiate.

Always giving
I continued to pour
I permeated you
More and more.

One desolate day
I realised I was empty
I was bone dry
Whilst you had plenty.

But it was too late
I was incomplete
I had lost myself
And you had gained me.



Selfish is, as selfish does
Selfishness puts himself above
Selfish fibs, though selfish cries
If selfish catches you in a lie

Selfish puts his needs first
Selfishness really is the worst!
Selfish does what selfish pleases
Whatever selfish wants, he seizes

Selfishness has no regard
If selfish makes life hard
As long as selfish is satisfied
Selfish doesn’t care who cries

Do to selfish, what he does to you
And see how quickly you’d be through.