Phono Connector

Imagination runs wild
Always been a dreamer
But that I couldn’t fathom
And that was just a teaser.

Saw a couple red flags
Perhaps I should have known
People raised questions
Though I thought we were grown.

OK, be strong
Forget being gnarly
Put your guard up
Even if it’s just partly.

Two strikes, now.
Or should that be one?
Am I in my right mind
To say this is done?

Proceed with caution
But carry on with your plans
Get off those narcotics
That put you in a trance.

Here we go again
Analysis I can’t ignore
I don’t have to say a word
Just watch me walk out the door.



It is what it is
Don’t always get
What you give
And it’s true what they say
Trust is a big thing.

Time after time
Swear you’ll lose
Your mind
Though it does get better –
And you’ll end up being fine.

Emotions they grow
Do go
One day you feel warm
Then the next you’re so cold.

I Can’t Stress

Let me tell you about

This situation I’m in

And explain to you why

I can’t get mad about a thing.

As part of my job

I go to college

To secure my place

To gain correct knowledge.

But a few people there

Must be threatened by me

Attempt to get a reaction

As they know I’m gutsy.

They never come direct

Always try to be down low

But loud enough for me to hear

At the same time, you know?

Since they can’t address

Myself directly

I refuse to make a scene

So I act correctly.

I just don’t know

Why they can’t be brave.

Don’t pussyfoot around

Please say it to my face!

Yet when they’re stuck

It’s me who they ask

To help with their work

So they can finish their task.

But back to the matter

We have in hand

I’ll now explain

Why I can’t get mad.

My job is on the line

It means a lot to me

Plus in a year and a half

Of these people I’ll be free!


I’m getting paid to attend

Getting rich to watch

These fools pretend.

I’m close to home

Only fifteen minutes away

Whilst they’re distant

From the places they stay.

So that boys and girls

Is why I can’t stress

Why I can’t get mad

Upset, or distressed!