That Girl

For all what it’s worth
For all that it hurt
Never forget
It made you that girl.

On you shoulder, no chip
In your stride, not a skip
It simply made you
Didn’t cause you a blip.

So now you have perspective
Give yourself objectives
Toughened up
Rather than becoming defective.



Accept your fate
Second best, always
Time and time again
365 by 23 days.

Love yourself
Only you can do
Between you and yourself
You’ll never have to choose.

Don’t settle
Never accept less
Give yourself
The very, very best.

You can do it
Don’t underestimate your strength
You’re truly your only friend
Right ’til the very end.

Writer Army

Imagine as writers
We all formed an army
We’d be a creative bunch
Though probably quite barmy.

Beautiful scenery
We’d march through
Meet diverse characters
Along our way, too.

Times would be happy
Times would be sad
Times would be indifferent
Many emotions to be had.

As for our enemies
We’d defeat them in ink
For our pens are our swords
Our words, we’d print.

Nothing could defeat
All our brains combined
Our army of writers
Would forever survive.

Little Sister

To my dearest little sister:

I know it’s hard
But please, be strong
Just a few years more
I promise it won’t be long.

Just be yourself
So cutely naive
A little bit vulnerable
It’s obvious for all to see.

They say you’re ugly
Make fun of your skin
Remind you of your eczema
Make you feel bad within.

Your long luscious curls
Go past your back
I’m pretty sure they’re jealous
Of your hair, jet black.

Your face is so cute
Your features, perfect
They just want your attention
Though they really don’t deserve it.

The bullies are weak
And you’re so strong.
I’ll remind you again
It won’t be long.

You walk around carefree
Like everything’s okay
But I can see through it
At the end of the day.

Never let them break you
Hold your head high
You’re a small little girl
And also the bigger guy.


Back to hell tomorrow 

Another week of crap

Wondering what I’ll hear this time

When silly lips are flapped. 

I’m waiting for sly racism 

I’ve started to expect it now 

Along with the bitching 

About how so-and-so’s a cow. 

Then there’ll be boasting 

About superficial lives 

Some indirect comments 

That are meant to cut like knives.

By Friday I’ll be deaf

My headphones turned up

To drown out the nonsense 

So to me, they’ve shut up. 

I’m hoping by now 

I’ve toughened up enough 

So when I hear them speaking

I can nip it in the bud. 

Despite all the B.S

As always, I’ll remain polite

Keep myself to myself

Not get involved, keep quiet.


It’s all quite subjective 

Mental pain

Depending on what’s

Been processed by your brain. 

If you’ve witnessed

A love one being killed 

You’re unlikely to be bothered

If your chardonnay spills. 

Yet to another 

Who can barely afford milk

A drop of wasted alcohol 

Is like burning silk. 

Then there’s those 

Who only wear name brands

Made in cramped sweatshops 

By dozens of young hands. 

But I’d bet you anything

Those in severe poverty 

See being in a sweatshop 

As winning the lottery. 

So when you see somebody 

Crying over something small 

Think of this poem 

Don’t brush their problems of at all. 

Oh Girl

A couple kids

Got me feeling down 

They stole my smile 

Turned it into a frown. 

Normally I would’t

React this way 

I’d brush them off 

Continue with the day.

But my strength is gone 

It’s nowhere to be seen 

And now I’m prone 

To their comments, so mean.

“Oh girl!”

I sit and ask myself 

“This isn’t about them 

It’s about your own wealth!”

Though it’s true 

The situation I can’t shake

Got another year to go 

Which is what I can’t shake

What to do?

I do not know 

Just hope and pray 

That in time I’ll grow. 

Thank You

I know you’ve got me

That’s why I haven’t broken

I’ve almost been defeated

But I carry with me your token.

The strength I obtain

Is definitely the fault of You

Don’t discuss You often; yet

Via me your ways show through.

The demons try to break me

To bring my good soul down

So every attempt is a failed one

Thus end up looking like clowns

At times their words hurt

Though I never let it show

Let them marinate, burn

Then in time, I grow.

I always wonder how I’ll cope

Yet somehow I do

Ponder to myself for a second

Then realise it’s down to You!


I stand for what I believe in

With me there’s no deceiving

But honestly, I’m afraid

There’s hate that I’m receiving.

Indirect comments I ignore

Reaction? What for?

But every night I lay and bed

And I cry instead of snore.

On the outside I’m tough

Though I may not look rough

Yet now’s the time I have to fight

As enough is enough.