Sunday Funday

Is no fun day
Because the next
Is miserable Monday.

And gloom
Feeling blue
Moping in your room.

You un-disarm
Early mornings
Really aren’t a charm.

We feign
Another week
Oh, such pain.


Sunday Blues

I despise Sunday
It’s far from a fun day
Harbouring disappointments
About the coming Monday.

The start of the week
Depression at its peak
Experiencing Sunday blues
An atmosphere so bleak.

Can’t stay out late
Be home by eight
In bed by ten PM
Isn’t it just great?

I’ll admit it’s not too bad
If you’re a stay at home dad
Or don’t work on Monday
In which case you’ll be glad.

But for those who aren’t
For those of us who can’t
Be off every Monday
Sunday’s are a reason to rant!