That Girl

For all what it’s worth
For all that it hurt
Never forget
It made you that girl.

On you shoulder, no chip
In your stride, not a skip
It simply made you
Didn’t cause you a blip.

So now you have perspective
Give yourself objectives
Toughened up
Rather than becoming defective.



As I lay here
Staring at my love
I truly believe
God sent him from above.

Not just for joy
But to test my patience
To simply hold on
Though I really hate waiting.

To make me more arduous
To forgive and forget
To make me the wife
Who won’t ever fret.

Not just for me
But for my love also
God sent him me
Good footsteps to follow.

A hand to hold
To guide him to the light
A reason to succeed
For my love, he’ll fight.

To stay within boundaries
To not take advantage
For we both keep each other
Out of the darkness.