They say time’s of the essence
I feel it in your presence
And when I think back
To sweet adolescence.

It can cause you to drift
It can amend a rift
It might even cause
Your perspective to shift.

Fix what’s defective
Dull things reflective
Or maybe even render
Something ineffective.



It is what it is
Don’t always get
What you give
And it’s true what they say
Trust is a big thing.

Time after time
Swear you’ll lose
Your mind
Though it does get better –
And you’ll end up being fine.

Emotions they grow
Do go
One day you feel warm
Then the next you’re so cold.


Work to live
Live to die
Another forty years
Of nine to five?

Food,warmth shelter
None of that is free
Yet all of those things
I need to provide for me.

Trade your time
For dirty money
Forty hours a week
Doesn’t keep me comfy!

It’s dull; unfulfilling
It’s not my dream.
Permanently at the bottom
Of this pyramid scheme.

But I have no option
The chore, that is work
I have to accept my fate
No matter how hard it hurts.

Memories Erased

Poured my entire self
Into helping you
And in that process
I lost parts of me too.

I wanted to give in
I wanted to give up
Yet something inside
Just wouldn’t let me stop.

It told me you were different
You were unlike the rest
You were the one for me
That really was best.

At times I got frustrated
You just wouldn’t listen
So as a result of that
I created some distance.

It wasn’t just once
It wasn’t even twice
There were multiple occasions
Where you wasted my time.

It seemed you were ungrateful
For all the effort I put in
It felt you took me for granted
You didn’t care about a thing.

So I made myself scarce
For maybe a week or two
When I came to find out
Another girl was in your view.

The discovery saddened me
More so I was mad
I wanted no memories of you
So I tried to give back the bag.

I thought I’d be arrested
My temper I couldn’t control
And if I owned a gun
In your head there’d be a hole.

You couldn’t even explain
What you said made no sense
You lied to me repeatedly
As if I was dense.

Which just upset me further
All trust in you was lost
I doubted everything you ever said
Now my heart’s as cold as frost.

You enjoyed the attention
You boasted to your friend
All because you thought
I’d be there till the end.

I really tried my best with you
Though inadequate were my attempts
So now I’ll give myself the world
Until my heart’s content.

To know my best wasn’t enough
My time and effort was a waste
Leaves me feeling disappointed
And wanting memories erased.


‘Til the end of the day
‘Til I can rest my brain
‘Til I can go back to bed again.

‘Til the weekend arrives
‘Til I receive that surprise
‘Til Friday comes and the clock hits five.

‘Til it’s time for vacation
‘Til it’s time for restoration
‘Til I can explore the whole of Asia.

‘Til I can retire
‘Til work I won’t require
‘Til the very day that my life expires.

Third Floor Poet

What am I doing?
My heart ain’t in this
And if I can’t give my all
I’d rather give it a miss.

Look where I am
Look what I’m doing
Writing on the low
My real dream I’m pursuing.

My secret little spot
On the third floor
Where it’s nice and quiet
The place I adore.

A comfy place to sit
As I write rhymes
That keep me going
All through the night.

Need to make a move
As time is just wasting
This dead end job
To me is procrastinating.

Battle Of Words

Sometimes I lay
In my bed at night
Trying to switch off
But am met with a fight!

Poetic words
Rush into my mind
Begging for some paper
So they can be signed.

In the early hours
The attacks are the worst
And at times I’ve wondered
How my brain cells didn’t burst!

I try to fight back
But the words are just too strong
They persuade me to write
As it wont take too long.

So up I get
To write a few rhymes
Then I notice the clock
It’s wake up time.


Don’t you just hate waiting? 

It seems like there’s always something to wait for. Waiting for your day at school/work to end. Waiting for the bus or train. Waiting for a certain time of day. Waiting for the weekend. Even waiting for a new life on candy crush to appear!

Of course those things are simple things that a lot of people anticipate every day. But what about when you’re left waiting for those all important events in life?

Maybe you’ve had a few interviews and you’re keenly awaiting to hear the outcome. It’s been a couple days and you’ve heard nothing. What if the result of this interview could mean getting out of your dead end, boring, irritating job? What if this new job could finally give you the chance to save up enough to finally get your own place? Or allow you to buy that dream car you’ve always wanted? So much could change depending on this one thing. And every day, you anxiously await for your phone to ring just to hear one or two words. But what about the time that’s passing by (and killing you) as you wait for that precious moment? 

Here’s another scenario. Imagine now, after you do get the job, you can now save up enough each month to be able to put down money on a house. Every day of every week you work hard. Week in, week out. Let’s say pay day comes each month. So as you work hard each day, you anticipate the coming of pay day. And as pay day arrives, you can finally dump a beautiful chunk of cash into your house fund. But of course the wait isn’t over. Month in, month out, you must wait for the cash in the house fund to reach a certain amount. In this case, it’s a little different, as of course you can see progress every month. But again, the wait is still there! 

Naturally, there’s nothing we can do about waiting. It’s just one of those things that exist and from time to time can appear to be killing us with anticipation! Of course there are things that we may actually enjoy waiting for, like waiting for 7AM to come when it’s 6:30 and you realise you still have more time to spend in bed. But when something so life changing depends on time, it can sometimes feel like it’s killing us!