Red Sky Rain

Staring at the red sky
Following the rain
Don’t I write so beautifully
When I’m in pain?

Adorned with gold flecks
Illuminating the sky
So far from the ground
But are you really that high?

Really, you’re doomed
Locked up, suppressed
Did you actually believe them
When they said you’d get the best?

Put the pen down
Stop writing – turn off the light
Stop living in a dream
It’s time again to fight.



Writing Is My Boyfriend

Writing is my boyfriend
The old one got the boot
As he was forever asleep
And that really wasn’t cute.

The times he was awake
I’d help him fix his life
While he sat back forgetting
I wasn’t yet his wife.

He’d play on his PlayStation
Which was purchased by me
40 inches of HD pixels
Yes, I bought him the TV.

I was also his alarm
Whenever he’d oversleep
Which was actually rather often
And then he’d be rude to me.

I’d then turn to writing
Who’d welcome me in his arms
Listen to all my problems
Whilst somehow making me calm.

Writing is there anytime
I ever need to speak
And the best thing of all?
He’s never, ever asleep!

Life Writer

The more intense my hurt
The deeper my words
The more I feel pain
The prettier the songbird.

The hotter the fire
The more I’m inspired
The more I believe
I’m truly a writer.

Every time I enter hell
I have a story to tell
To illustrate how I got up
Soon after I fell.

The events of my life
Inspire me to write
When all is in darkness
It serves as my light.

Heart Healer

I truly believe
Writing heals my heart
Sheds some light
When times are dark.

Never judged
Though emotions release
After pen touches paper
I feel at peace.

Doesn’t matter
How big or small
How hard it is
Or how bad I fall.

Even if I lost
Everything today
One thing’s for sure
Writing wouldn’t stray.

But if it ever did
That’d be the end of my life
As I’d do it myself
And draw the knife.

Night Anticipation

There’s something about the night

That just stimulates my mind 

I don’t dig very deep 

But there’s a lot I seem to find. 

Staring into the darkness 

Brings out my inner artist

My ability to paint with words

Picturing a New York apartment.

The distant lights illuminate

Different areas within my brain

I relive the moments from the past

The joyous times, of course the pain. 

So every morning I anticipate 

The very end of the day 

So I can write, explore my mind

And hopefully inspire, innovate. 

Write Or Die

Over the past few days 

I’ve just wanted to die 

The only thing stopping me

Is my desire to write.

I think I can make it 

I dream of making it big

Be proud of my achievements

And retire whilst I’m still a kid. 

Fantasise of peace 

As I write in my attic 

With a little bit of craziness 

As I meet my fanatics. 

To inspire my work 

Wanderlust would lead 

Note down my experiences 

For my fans to read. 

So I’ll finish on this note 

I’ll  be writing ’til I die 

Continue to put pen to paper

Until my last goodbye. 


My passion,
Which I neglect
Allows me time
To reflect.
Painting pictures
With words
To some may sound
So absurd.

Rainy nights
I laid in bed
Brainstorming words
In my head.
Summer days
That never ceased to end
Without a doubt
Have all been penned.

Times I cried
My heart in pain
Or simply times
I needed to complain.
Poetry was there
To ease my soul
When inside I felt empty
And wanted to be whole.

So dear reader
I’ll explain to you
No matter what
Poetry can get you through.
Forget the world
Then grab some paper
Release some words
And let poetry be nature.